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Elite Recruit Starter Packages

These options are designed to provide an Elite Recruit with the necessary education, evaluation, tools, and game plan to help you get started with the process in the most effective and efficient way.  You will have a much better understanding of the process specific to your resume and expectations, how to best utilize your resources, and what steps you need to follow in order to reach your goals.

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“Brandi’s no-nonsense approach to player evaluation is outstanding”

Elite Recruit Consulting Programs

Our Elite Recruit Consulting Programs provide an Elite Recruit with hands-on, in-depth consulting and mentorship throughout each step of the process.  The players and parents will receive not only the necessary tools to begin the process but also the guidance and assistance they need to efficiently navigate the entire process.  Accountability, preparation, coach connections and knowledge on all aspects of the process will be provided.

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“As a former junior, collegiate, and professional golfer, Brandi brings experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is well respected in the industry and helps make connections with coaches easy. Our family is extremely grateful for Brandi’s personal interest in our daughter and we definitely recommend her services.”

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