Elite Recruit Starter Options

“We were immediately drawn to your demeanor and professionalism”

Two “Starter Package” options to choose from:


Standard Starter Package

  • 1.5 Hour Consultation ($175)
  • Game Plan Individualized Outline
  • 1 yr RecruitCaddy Online Membership ($395)

Full Details

1. College Recruiting Consultation ($175)

  • 1.5-hour college recruiting consultation where Brandi will walk a family through the Golf Recruiting 101 virtual meeting and explain the steps of the recruiting process specific to the player’s graduation year. She will help a family better understand where the player currently stands in the recruiting process, discuss their expectations for the future and provide directions on how they should begin to tackle the process most successfully. This consultation will provide a family with a more realistic outlook on the process specific to the player’s resume, academics, work ethic, and skill level.
  • Areas covered include:
    • Review of player’s resume and video
    • NCAA rules and regulations
    • Process for researching and contacting realistic schools and programs
    • Top college choices and preferences
    • Current coach communications
    • Procedure for scheduling and taking visits
    • Financial contribution
    • Golf demands of college programs
    • Academic expectations
    • Player development (goal setting, time management, on course attitude)
    • Junior tournament schedules
  • Brandi will provide a detailed outline for player and parents to follow
  • To be conducted by online virtual meeting or in person in Greenville, SC

2. 1-year RecruitCaddy Online Membership ($395)

  • Learn all about this extensive recruiting content database plus research and college coach communications management system – Click Here



Premium Starter Package

  • Standard Starter Package ($495) PLUS….
  • 9 Hole On-Course Evaluation and Assessment ($295)
  • Recruiting Video ($195)
  • Intro Email/Resume Review ($125)
  • Best Fit Golf Programs ($75)

Full Details

1. Standard Starter Package ($495)

  • All services included in the Standard Starter Package outlined above

2. On Course Evaluation ($295)

  •  The warm-up and 9 hole on course portion of the initial evaluation serves to assess a player’s current level of play with respect to college recruiting potential and their ability and willingness to improve and play at the collegiate level.
  • Areas assessed include:  ball striking, basic fundamentals, golf IQ, short game creativity, putting, green reading, on course management, mental toughness, attitude, decision-making, pre-shot routine,  focus, fitness level, nutrition habits and practice routines

3. College Recruiting Swing and Short Game Video ($195)

  • Shots will be filmed during the on-course portion of the evaluation then edited to create a full college recruiting video to use with a player’s resume

4. Resume and Intro Email Review ($125)

  • Brandi will review a player’s resume and intro email to ensure they both suit the expectations of the college coaches

5. Best Fit Golf Programs ($75)

  • Brandi will upload up to 40 best-fit golf programs into a player’s RecruitCaddy management system

To be conducted in Greenville, SC or at the player’s home golf course, unless other arrangements can be made.  Travel expenses and travel time will incur an additional charge for travel outside of 60 miles of Greenville, SC.