Elite Recruit Premium Consulting

Our Elite Recruit Premium Consulting programs are in-depth, handheld programs to provide guidance and assistance to a family through each step of the recruiting process. Because families are logistically and athletically at different points in the recruiting process, these full-time programs are catered to specifically fit what a family needs.

Through the initial evaluation and consultation, Brandi will determine and discuss what she feels a family needs and will recommend one of her full programs.  Programs are offered as a 6 month or 1 year time period.

“You have been an inspiration, sounding board, recruiting translator and have become a friend of the family”

Below are the different aspects that are covered in the program.

  • Resume and intro email guidance and review
  • Best fit list of schools to research and contact based on academics, golf resume, and the recruits preferences plus assistance with introductions to the appropriate coaches.
  • Unlimited consultation hours (emails, calls, texts, video chats) for players on all aspects of the process. *** Parents limited to 2 phone calls per month, max 30 mins per call
  • Outline of schedule for contacting coaches with weekly accountability check-ins
  • Access to Recruit Caddy Online Program
  • Access to private BJGolf App for updates, materials, challenges, videos, college coach insight and much more
  • Assistance with setting up college visits, preparing for visits and follow-up after visits
  • Insight into college golf programs and questions to ask coaches in order to find the right fit
  • Tournament schedule assistance and travel recommendations
  • Pre and post-tournament talks and discussions
  • Quarterly group meetings/dinners at specific tournaments, camps or a neutral location
  • Consultation on decision making and finding the right college fit
  • As needed: practice drills, goal setting exercises, mental game exercises, assignments, strength and nutrition recommendations
  • Mentorship on career and personal development (goal setting, assertiveness, independence, maturity, time management, determination, personal growth, confidence, etc…)
  • College preparation understanding


Six Month Program would be recommended for late year juniors who may be nearing the end of the process but have not been successful at making much progress or for players who aren’t sure if they want to play college golf to get a better idea of what may be available and how the process will work. This would include all of the initial phases of the process with continued guidance, mentorship, and consultation through all 6 months.

Six Month Programs start at $1500 – Click Here


Twelve Month Program would be recommended for freshman and sophomores who are at a stage where recruiting will begin soon or juniors early into the year who are starting from the beginning of the process. This would include all of the initial phases of the process with continued guidance, mentorship, and consultation through all 12 months.

Twelve Month Programs start at $3000 – Click Here

Please fill out the Questionnaire  or Email Brandi for more information about her premium consulting programs.